Flash Translation Layer(FTL) and Underlying Structure

23 Jul

In recent years, due to its non-volatile flash memory, low power, access to high-speed, small size and other characteristics has been widely used, but it is neither a character device, nor is it a block device, its unique physical characteristics make it in the traditional file system application of certain obstacles.

Its characteristics are also included: a limited number of block erase and erase rewritable, which will affect the performance and service life of flash memory. How to provide a proper flash file system to improve memory performance and extend the life of flash memory, as many scholars focus of the study.

In this paper, the flash file system for a comprehensive study of the evolution of history, summed up the various underlying flash file system mechanism and performance analysis.

  • First, the physical characteristics of the flash are introduced;
  • Then study the FTL Flash Translation Layer and various flash file system and its underlying structure, summed up the flash file system commonly faced three major issues: garbage collection, wear leveling and bad block management;
  • Then proposed based on a novel high frequency data interchange wear leveling algorithm OEBS, through the experimental data show that effectively balances the erase distribution, improving the flash file system to extend the life of degree;
  • Flash file system on the forefront of the underlying mechanisms have been studied and made a quantitative performance analysis; concludes in its entirety on the flash file system performance of the underlying mechanisms and research summary and outlook.

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