FTL Block Erase & Data Storage

18 Jul


Flash memory (flash memory) as a With the rapid development of the microelectronics industry and the birth of new semiconductor memory device, with its unique non-volatile, high density, low cost, gradually replacing the ROM / EPROM / EEPROM, in recent years has been rapid development. Especially the Serial Flash (Serial Flash), because it has less data pin, a simple peripheral circuit constructed so that it is more commonly used by people.


However, due to its memory storage architecture reason, when the flash write data from 1 to 0, to 0, it can not be changed by writing a 1. When the flash memory erasing data from 0 to 1, can not be erased only by a unit. When erasing and rewriting its data, only the smallest unit of a block operation, including flash erase block erase and chip erase.


FTL a block erase is to erase the contents of the block are changed to 1, the chip is to erase the entire contents into a flash. Usually a flash memory chip is divided into a plurality of block erase, during the flash memory in units of erase blocks. And it has 100 000 -100 Million endurance life. These characteristics of flash memory devices are different from the other.


Therefore, the subject of these characteristics for the flash memory, FTL on flash (serial) data storage application interface in the design and management of data files made ​​corresponding research and thinking, mainly on the client / manufacturer in the application of serial Flash in the process of starting the practical problems encountered in the specific, such as data loss, misuse instruction, CRC checksum errors, design and preparation of a company based on NI LabWindows / CVI platform for M25 series serial Flash diagnostic data analysis tools to facilitate efficient and easy to use client. And the test proved that the tool is simple and practical.



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