FTL Layer Features

18 Jun

The FTL layer is a traditional hard disk operation flash simulation software layer, with FTL flash memory devices can be used, the efficiency of FTL layer directly affects the performance of the device. The main function of FTL layer logic block mapping, erase before write operation and wear-leveling technique. Upgrade the firmware update is the operation of the algorithm, the optimized algorithm can improve effectively the read and write time is greatly shortened, the performance of the whole system will get promotion. In addition to enhance performance in in addition to upgrade the firmware, SSD can solve the existence of some old versions of BUG, so you can also use SSD to upgrade the firmware as driving graphics upgrade or game update.

Therefore, to upgrade the SSD firmware to the latest is the purchase of SSD after the first completed. Of course, everything has two sides, SSD firmware upgrade to improve product performance but must go to the official website to download the firmware upgrade operation, or may be caused by improper solid-state hard drive failure.

When we buy SSD, first do not worry to SSD when the system disk to use, after the first SSD to the computer and boot, right-click My computer, select the device manager management, we can see the name of the SSD, then right-click and choose SSD, select properties – detailed information – hardware ID in the popup in the menu, then we can see the SSD current firmware version.

Optimization of SSD in the second step is to open the disk read and write mode is AHCI, the step of the operation requires you to enter the BIOS settings, method of operation is very simple, boot time by pressing the DEL key, you can enter the BIOS settings, different motherboard into method may be slightly different. 

Please follow the below to enter after the operation, after the simple choice according to save and restart, or press F10 after clicking to determine (yes), the above method is suitable for the newly installed or not installed the system user. If you have already installed the system, please go see if AHCI mode, if not, please do not change the settings, because now change will lead to the boot screen, so we need to enter the windows settings.


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