FTL&SSD Firmware

7 Jun


FTL layer is a traditional hard drive to simulate the operation of flash memory software layer, flash memory devices can be used with FTL, FTL layer directly affects the efficiency of the performance of the device.

The main role of FTL layer logical block mapping, write and erase operation before the wear leveling technology. Updating the firmware algorithms for these operations is to upgrade the optimized algorithm can improve and effectively the entire write time is shortened, so that overall system performance improvement. In addition to improved performance outside, SSD firmware upgrade can solve some of the older versions exist of the BUG, ​​so you can put the SSD firmware upgrade as the graphics card driver upgrade or game updates. Therefore, upgrading to the latest firmware SSD SSD after the purchase of the primary things done. Of course, everything has two sides, SSD firmware upgrade can improve product performance but be sure to go to the official website to download the firmware, otherwise the upgrade may fail due to improper SSD. When we buy SSD, the first do not worry when the system disk to use the SSD, the first SSD to your computer and turn, right-click My Computer, select Manage, in Device Manager, we can see the SSD name, right at this time choose SSD, the pop-up menu, select Properties – Details – hardware ID, then we can see the current firmware version SSD.

Understanding of the above information, we will be landing SSD’s official website to download the latest SSD firmware and do updates, so be the first step in the completion of the SSD Optimizer. As different master product, different methods of flashing the firmware, so Xiaobian will no longer go into here, everyone on the Internet should be easily able to search for relevant tutorials and complete refresh work.




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