Measured Average FTL

25 May

We use the number of erase operations, in the cleaning process the number of pages copied, select a block of time for cleaning and garbage collection using the measured average FTL-based flash memory management system performance. In the waste recycling apparatus, when it is selected for erasure effective amount of data in the block. If the garbage collection efficiency is small, it means that the system can select a small amount of valid data block, thereby reducing the response to these valid pages in the garbage collection overhead. In addition, the effect of flash memory utilization observed with different cleaning policies, we can also use these four different cleaning policies, depending on the flash memory utilization to measure performance.

In the experiment, we modify the postmark to establish a benchmark workload generator, you can create the initial data flash and update files, depending on the desired reference specific local ratio. Workload generator 5 generates the workload in our experiments where the different reference. In our experiments using a reference throughout ’90 / 10 ‘, ’80 / 20’, ’70 / 30 ‘, ’60 / 40’, ’50 / 50 ‘. Notation of x / y ‘of x to y% of the data, (1-x)% of% of all other access (1-y)% of the data. In addition, each measurement unit is writing data 4 KB, 512 MB of data is completely written to the flash memory.

When the locality of reference close to 50/50, our quick cleansing policy slightly worse than the other cleansing policy. This is because the data access behavior in 50/50 of reference for the uniform distribution. This means that all data has the same opportunity to be updated, and the data can not be clearly identified in this effort too hot or too cold data.


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