Log Block FTL Algorithm

23 May

Proposed a novel technique of the log block FTL algorithm improves the FAT file system robustness. The purpose of this technique is to ensure that all sectors are considered writing unit, they are written to the flash memory or completely discard any interruption.
In addition, they also add an atomic write function log block FTL algorithm to safely update the flash file system distributed metadata, security, and maintaining file system integrity. Their simulation results show that, FAT file system security, even when the system power failure. Li goods often wear leveling algorithm proposed two-cell to extend flash life. The algorithm has two key concepts: one is to stop the erase block has a high abrasion resistance, its data is stored in the cold, the other is left alone block wear balanced participation. In addition, the algorithm does not require complex tuning, it can respond to the spatial locality of the workload changes. Simulation results demonstrate the advantages of this algorithm.

We have designed and implemented a quick cleaning flash memory management in embedded systems or mobile devices, it is named FTL / FC flash translation layer. Figure 8 shows the architecture. When users perform data access requests, disk-based file system (ie hair, EXT3, etc.) notify FTL / FC data in the file system logical address. Then, FTL / FC will translate the logical address to a physical address, and find the corresponding position on flash memory. Next, read, write, or by flash drive flash memory erase operation.


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