Multi-channel FTL Design

24 Apr

NAND flash-based storage device of nfsd] in many consumer electronic systems to replace the traditional magnetic storage devices.
The nfsd One of the advantages is that read and write bandwidth wider than magnetic storage devices. Growth in the future, their bandwidth, nfsd new generation of multi-channel and multi-channel architecture, so that it can be kept parallel the plane storage type flash {NFMS]. This structure provides a higher bandwidth and accuracy vary depending on the a NFSD overall performance of in hardware, in a perspective view of the efficiency in the use of such a multi-channel and multi-channel.
From this perspective, the key point of the design components mediated software layer called FTL] – management of hardware resources and data. Only according to the author, this is a multi-channel FTL design nfsd integrated approach for the first time.
This proposed design method consists of two steps. The first step, as a single channel / single nfsd design FTL. Secondly, we extend this FTL the nfsd support countries with any number and large ones. In order to prove the effectiveness and universality of the proposed method, we apply this method to three well-known FTLS. The experimental results show enhanced a relatively perfect FTLS FTL and performance, this method can be applied to a wide variety of channel structure. Quantitative say when the increase in the number of channels is 4 hours, less than 10% of the average channel utilization fell.


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