A New FTL Scheme

1 Apr

We propose a new FTL scheme, called LazyFTL, which is optimized for a NAND-type flash memory. In order to avoid the heavy overhead merge operation In the existing block-level and mixed mapping FTL scheme, LazyFTL uses page-level mapping table. This makes the LazyFTL a high performance of the FTL program compared Other existing. However, a page-level mapping scheme

Deployed in NAND-type flash memory, They can only be programmed in the page. If any part of

Immediately be written in the flash memory map changes, the performance will be affected.

If dirty data is stored in SRAM and write-only flash Memory is swapped out, we may lose critical information, so that the system is in an inconsistent state.

To solve this problem, LazyFTL keep two small areas Flash memory, and update the page-level mapping table A lazy way.

We implemented a trace-driven simulator, to help evaluate LazyFTL and six other typical FTL performance Plan, namely NFTL is 1, the the NFTL is-N known hybrid mapping schemes, eg BAST, FAST, finally, A-SAST. Our empirical evaluation shows that LazyFTL better than all typical FTL plan of, at the same time, at the same time to achieve consistency and reliability. The test results also show that, LazyFTL successful close to the theoretically optimal solution.

• Our performance test and measurement LazyFTL of Capacity than the flash memory

SRAM is increased. We found that at a certain Range, LazyFTL can still achieve excellent performance.

The scalability LazyFTL This experiment shows that Is high, because it does not require the ability of

Fast flash memory SRAM is magnified. We also analyzed a LazyFTL the theoretical and practical reliability Assist LazyFTL to restoration system algorithm, The efficiency of the failure.


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